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Primecab cables are superior quality cables.

Primecab cables are made through well co-ordinated efforts of a highly qualified experienced and competent team of engineers, executives and technocrats.

Primecab cables undergo a closely observed, regulated and continuously tested manufacturing process. Raw materials are tested in accordance with every stringent and exacting requirements of purchase specifications, both as specified by the Bureau of Indian Standard and high quality in-house standards. Strict quality control is enforced at every stage in the process of manufacture. The finished product is also thoroughly tested as required by the relevant standard specifications. All these factors contribute to zero defect products, and assure long life and trouble free service under rugged and vastly varying conditions of usage.

Primecab cables are also attested by the Bureau of Indian Standard Certification, and various other approvals and certifications for usage in industry, refineries, railways, homes, offices, defences, and just about anywhere. The Company has an organised team of qualified staff to meet any challenge in the field of sales and production. The Company follows a strict Quality Control Policy to achieve the quality final product.